Access Your Facilities Anytime, Anywhere

Improve Service and Reduce Operational Costs

Service managers can perform an initial review and diagnose the potential issues online, identify the parts needed, vendors to call, etc. in order to help ensure the right resources with the right tools are accurately dispatched.

24/7 Document Access

Facilify takes away the chaos of a plan room, file cabinets and ad-hoc electronic solutions like shared network drives, email inboxes, etc. and replaces them with an intuitive, always available digital asset solution. No matter your current situation, we have a turnkey approach to migrating your information quickly and accurately into Facilify.

Integration into CMMS & Other Applications

Facilify eases the burden of keeping your structural building information updated by being the ‘system of record’ and integrating into other facility systems to provide a closed loop process around additions and changes.  With Facilify, information can easily be exchanged and customers have ready access to needed information.

Why Choose Facilify?


Facilify enables you to find information quickly in order to save time, reduce costs and improve building reliability, integrated with the latest technology on the market.


Facilify can be modified to adapt to the unique requirements desired for your facility and is viewable on any device with a web browser.


Facilify will organize your information in a patented solution that requires minimal training to operate and update. All content is searchable for quick keyword locating.


Facilify has provided digital facilities manuals for over $9 billion in facilities, to date.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Quick, intuitive access to current and historical floor plans and system diagrams
  • Maintenance staff can dedicate more time to preventing problems and less time searching for reference materials
  • Floor plans and facilities data are safe, secure and backed up in the cloud
  • On-going depository for future capital project planning
  • Data transferability – easily export information for input into CMMS systems and COBie
  • Powerful search functionality allows instant locating from anywhere, 24/7
  • Scalable for multiple facilities and campuses
  • BIM Compatible
  • Document approval workflow and collaboration features
  • Elimination of physical plan rooms and hardcopy storage space
  • Tablet friendly
  • Easy to use; fully integrated with Microsoft Office

Benefits By Industry:

  • Operations and maintenance materials are readily available for critical life support and backup power systems
  • Support joint commission records requests
  • Save facilities O&M costs and improve patient care
  • Help ensure 100% uptime at your critical facilities
  • Highest industry standards for security
  • Improve service and save money on data center operations
  • Comply with facilities records retention policy
  • Eliminate the plan room and save space
  • Bring order to unstructured electronic files
  • Easily and securely provide stakeholders access to latest facilities information
  • Highest industry standards for security
  • On-going depository for future projects
Ascendum Solutions can help you develop a plan to digitize hardcopy documents, inventory existing facilities, and convert data from legacy systems to Facility. We use our years of experience and our partnerships with the industry’s leading reprographics companies to provide our clients with solutions, not just software.